Renewable Energy

We are extremely excited to offer a new technology to the Island, PV solar roof slates. Ellan Vannin Electrical is now the sole agent for GB-Sol products in the Isle Of Man. GB-Sol has been manufacturing Solar PV panels in the UK for over 20 years and have long and diverse experience in the industry.


All products are manufactured in the UK and are ISO9001 & ISO 14001 certified factory ensuring that they are of the highest standard; guaranteeing you gain the maximum output and the best value for money.

PV Slates

Designed to blend into the roof as seamlessly as possible, PV Slates are barely distinguishable from the slates surrounding them. As they’re available in both blue-grey “Traditional” and black “Contemporary” styles, they are suitable to be used with a variety of different slates. Just let us know the details of the one you’re using and we can advise on the best match.


The RIS system was designed in the UK by GB-Sol in 1994 and has evolved into the perfect solution for mounting integrated PV panels within a roof surface and to withstand all weather conditions experienced in the Isle of Man and beyond.

The RIS system is unique in using solar panel laminates, the structure of the mounting system itself forming the frame-work.

GB-Sol standard 260-285W laminates are easy to manage on the roof. The ability to manufacture bespoke size laminates also allows for complete utilisation of the roof area.

Building Integrated PV

BIPV (Building Integrated PV) covers a wide range of applications. From facades and canopies to Brise-Soleil, GB-Sol can manufacture panels suitable to integrate into a multitude of different buildings.

PV Facades 

Architectural facades often require bespoke solutions and we are able to provide panels to integrate into many types of building envelope, including curtain walling, rain screens and atria.

Canopies & Verandas

Using a similar structure to our solar carports, we can also provide solar PV canopies and verandas. Utilising outside space around the property can be an ideal solution if the roof isn’t suitable for solar. It can also provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain as well as generating electricity.

Brise Soleil 

Brise-soleil solar shading systems can be produced using solar PV panels and are proving a very logical and popular addition to all kinds of buildings.

Whether new or as a retrofit option, it offers architects and contractors a versatile and practical solution to managing solar radiation, whilst combining performance with visual appeal.

PV for light houses and navigation

GB-Sol make specially designed panels for use on Navigation Buoys and Lighthouses

The power for navigation lighting and electronics cannot be easily provided by any source except Solar PV.
There are few more challenging environments for a PV Modules to survive, than a buoy in the ocean. It suffers extremes of motion, attack from the salty marine atmosphere, impact with vessels, bird strikes and weed growth.

GB-Sol has been the main supplier of marine navigation PV modules to Trinity House, Northern Lighthouse board and Commission for Irish lights.

Battery Storage Systems

Battery storage is becoming an increasingly popular option with solar PV. It provides the opportunity to store the solar electricity generated during the day for use later in the evening. This reduces the need to export excess energy and then purchase it from the grid later at an increased price.