14 Mar 2018

We love lighting at EVE! Today we have installed LED strip lighting to highlight the bottom of the stair case, all cables and connections completely hidden. We have also replaced of florescent surface bulkhead lights for some flush fit round LED panels. Very happy customer and what a difference it has made!

26 Feb 2018

Heres some pictures of the lastest solar slate roof we have been working on in the south of the island. This project is also using a 3kw battery storage system ensuring the client gets 100% use of the power generated rather then selling it at a poor rate back into the grid. Really happy with […]

19 Jan 2018

Some chandeliers fitted this morning on one of the projects we have been working on, there very fitting being made from wood and steel and match the oakframe house perfectly. Originally there was going to be one central light however we used black conduit to get the cables to the correct location and it fits […]

15 Jan 2018

Work carried out over the last week at Quayside Tyre and Service Centre brand new workshops. Work included the installation of power and lighting supplies in the new offices and customer waiting room. Full data networking and dado trunking was installed for ease of further expansion in the future. 3phase power supplies to car lifts and […]

17 Oct 2017

Client had numerous lamps out which still didn’t work once they replaced the bulbs for new ones, sound familiar ? This is due to the failed transformer in the ceiling, so regardless of new bulbs they will still not work. The best thing to do with these is simple……..throw them in the bin! We can […]

03 Mar 2017

On this project, we removed all existing wiring and made safe. Install new supplies to the cooker, sockets, lighting and fire alarm. Once plastering was finished we returned and install LED downlights along with LED strip feature lighting, installed chrome sockets and switches, installed the new oven and hob and fitted the fire detectors. We […]